Top 10 Business Hack for Restaurant Business

Restaurants are one of the businesses that have felt the impact of the pandemic. The following strategies need to be tried to be implemented in order to increase sales.

1. Create a Great Website

A website can be a medium to introduce and market your restaurant products and business. Besides you need to make sure the features on the website are navigation and mobile friendly, make sure the content that is created is useful. You can post varied restaurant menus, offer various promos, and don’t forget to include testimonials from your restaurant customers.

2. Build Engagement through Social Media

You can use social media to market your business. You cannot only post the latest menu or a number of interesting promos. You can also build interaction with customers by responding to comments, questions, and complaints.

3. Take advantage of Google My Business

It is very important to register your restaurant business on Google My Business because this can increase the reach of your culinary business to be wider and easier to find. Prospective customers can easily find your restaurant outlet and access all the products offered. The rating feature provided by Google can also help increase the level of customer trust in your business and products.

4. Give More Rewards to Customers

You can offer rewards in the form of promotions or discounts. For example, you can offer the latest menu free for every purchase with a minimum purchase. However, make sure everything remains in the right calculation so that your restaurant does not lose money.

5. Host an Online Event

Another way to promote your restaurant is to create online events such as a photo contest for your product or interactive games such as scrabble with a discount on product shopping rewards.

6. Collaborate with Food Vlogger

You can also do promotions by collaborating with well-known food vloggers. Make sure to choose a food vlogger that has a high engagement rate so that it can bring in traffic that suits your business.

7. Provide Delivery Service via WhatsApp

In the midst of a pandemic, the restrictions on dine-in services certainly have a huge impact on sales. You can offer delivery services through the WhatsApp application to reach your customers. Make sure to provide the best service to ensure customer satisfaction.

8. Making Videos on YouTube

Advertising using video is a very trend nowadays. You can also start creating a channel on YouTube. You can post behind the scenes at an event at a restaurant, video tour of restaurant facilities, interviews with employees, previews of upcoming menus, simple tips for the world of cooking, or others.

9. Holding an Online Cooking Class

You can also market your restaurant by creating online events such as cooking classes with chefs. You can open QnA with your followers to choose what menu is interesting for the cooking class theme. Offer vouchers or special promos for cooking class participants who want to make reservations at restaurants.

10. Create a Loyalty Reward Program

You can also create a loyalty reward program to increase sales. Customers will focus more on earning points and getting free food vouchers.