Top 10 Business Hack for Financial Planner

Various businesses affected by the pandemic have even gone bankrupt. You can try to apply some of the following strategies to survive and develop your business as a financial planner.

1. Improve Your Website

Make sure to update your website. You can develop designs that are attractive, easy to navigate, and mobile friendly. In addition, you can post various content that is able to answer customer questions ranging from service packages, facilities, financial tips, and others.

2. Improve SEO

It is important to make sure the website that is managed is SEO friendly so that it can rank up. Websites that can be on the main page of search results have a greater chance of being visited so they have the opportunity to get new clients.

3. Use Google My Business

Registering with Google My Business will make it easier for people who need financial assistance or consulting to find your place or call your contact number. Make sure to update information about your business such as a location map, contact number, and a review about your business.

4. Engage through Social Media

This is an efficient way to reach new clients. However, you have to be careful about likes, shares, or comments because these can be considered as implied investment advice. You can post a number of articles, webcasts, events, to social selling.

5. Make Bio Link on Instagram and TikTok

Apart from tidying up your Instagram feed or creating interesting content on TikTok, you should also create a bio link. Make sure to make it aesthetic and easy to navigate so it can lead to a website or chatting service for your business.

6. Provide Chat Services via WhatsApp

Providing chat services via WhatsApp makes it easier for anyone who needs consultation or just asking about services at your place of business. In addition, this chat service also makes it easier for prospective clients when they want to register as clients.

7. Start Blogging

This can be a way to show your skills. You can share useful information, especially those related to finance. Make sure to use keywords that clients are looking for so that it helps you to be found in search engines.

8. Include Video Marketing via YouTube

There is a lot of content that you can turn into videos to market your services and business. You can make instructional videos about financial planning, investing, or saving money. In addition, you can also display the history of your company including how the services and facilities are offered.

9. Use Email Marketing

Some of the content that can be used for email marketing includes the latest guide videos, blog highlights, updates on changes to the law, job photos, award highlights, or others. Make sure not to spam.

10. Hold Webinar

You should be a speaker at webinars on Zoom or other meeting applications to introduce the importance of financial consultants and planners, provide insight into financial management, and more. In addition, you can also open a question and answer session to interact directly with your audience.