Top 10 Business Hack for Yoga Trainer

Any business owner certainly wants to be able to grow his business and have many customers even though the business is affected by the pandemic. Here are some strategies that you can try to develop as a yoga trainer.

1. Build a Yoga Website

You can start with a simple web page that displays the teaching schedule. This makes it easy for prospective students to find and book your yoga class. Next, you can post about your yoga journey, yoga practice tips, yoga-themed events, and about how to register for classes or requirements.

2. Use Google My Business

Google My Business can be a free marketing tool for your business. You can announce promotions, publish events, and add pictures free. With this tool from Google, people who want to practice yoga can more easily find your studio. Make sure to include your contact number and location map to make it easier for your prospective students to contact you.

3. Stay Connected in Social Media

Social media marketing is not just focused on complicated poses or fancy yoga outfits, but more on how to deepen interactions with students. You can share content that reflects your yoga studio, the uniqueness of your studio, community development, to seasonal promos to join your yoga class.

4. Use Video Content on YouTube

Many people are interested in following yoga through videos. You can take advantage of this opportunity to start a channel on YouTube. You can display a variety of useful and interesting content. You can post details about poses, yoga studio tours, practicing with famous yoga trainers, or others. Don’t forget to offer your yoga class.

5. Host Themed Yoga Virtual Events

You can organize yoga-themed virtual events like a live yoga demo on Instagram or YouTube. This event should highlight your fun side and introduce your practice in a fun way. You also can open QnA to interact with your audients.

6. Provide Contact Chat Service via WhatsApp

You can also provide chat services via WhatsApp to make it easier for students to consult about yoga classes or practices. Having two-way interactions in person can be one of the most effective ways to engage with students.

7. Build Email Marketing

Email marketing can be a great strategy for engaging with yoga students. You can send welcome emails, event notifications, class reminders, video posts, or special promotions. Make sure to use the right strategy so that the email you send is not considered spam.

8. Partners with Local Business

It never hurts to consider collaborating with a local business. For example, you can collaborate with a spa business in your area. You can offer weekly yoga classes to spa customers. Alternatively, you give bonus aromatherapy candles from the spa to regular students.

9. Develop Referral Program

Don’t forget the power of word of mouth advertising to market yoga. You can offer a referral program where students who successfully invite friends to yoga classes are entitled to a discount. On the other hand, you can also offer aromatherapy oils for students who invite friends to join the class.

10. Create VIP Program

Yoga trainers certainly value regular students. However, a trainer can also see the progress of the students on the yoga path. You can try offering the VIP program as a loyalty rewards program. You can offer free classes or something.