Top 10 Business Hack for Barbershop Business

Having a barbershops business, whether it already has branches in a number of locations, only one established store, or even just starting out must have the right marketing strategy to survive and thrive, especially as a result of being affected by the pandemic.


1. Take advantage of Google My Business

Making sure your barbershop is registered with Google My Business will really help your business. This can make your business appear in the list of search results. In addition, it can also make it easier for people to find your shop. You can add reviews, photos, and links to your site, to make your business stand out.

2. Create a Website

You can post many things on your site. You can post information about your shop, introductions to your staff, the latest hairstyle trends, or more. Besides that, you should also add a booking widget on your site to make it easier for people to book appointments directly.

3. Take Advantage of Top Reviews

Barbershop Review

You can feature some of the best reviews on the testimonials page on your site. In addition, you can also display it in social media posts, brochures, or other marketing materials.

4. Host Virtual Demo

You can hold public virtual events whether it is just simple or for something more valuable. The goal is to get to know your barbershop. For example, you can make a live mini demo via Instagram or YouTube. In addition, you can open a live chat to interact with your audience.

5. Make Videos on YouTube

For beginners, you can use a smartphone device to shoot simple videos that will be uploaded on YouTube. You can make videos showing how to make new hairstyles, product reviews, or daily activities at the barbershop.

6. Reach Your Target Audience via WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the most popular social messaging platforms. You can segment your target audience by sending a more personalized message. If you know his birthday, you can offer a special discount on his birthday. In addition, you can also take advantage of this WhatsApp service to interact directly with clients to build trust and loyalty.

7. Expand Networking

You can start joining the barbershops community to sharpen your skills, keep you up to date on trends and news in the industry, and market your brand more broadly. Apart from that, you can also join local business networks to find new clients or start partnerships.

8. Promote and Build Interaction through Social Media

Social media is becoming an important part of business marketing nowadays. You have to be active on social media to display seasonal promos, the latest hairstyle trends, or other interesting things. In addition, you should also build interaction with your followers by responding to comments, mentions, or complaints wisely.

9. Use Bio Link on Instagram and TikTok


Don’t forget to include a bio link on Instagram and TikTok to make it easier for prospective clients or existing clients who want to use the services of a barber.

10. Take Advantage of Referral Marketing

Referral marketing works more because most people have more trust recommendations from friends than any other form of advertising. You can provide incentives to customers who refer their friends to become new customers in your store. Alternatively, you can also offer them free products.