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Coconut water is included in the drink that is liked by everyone. Its refreshing taste and ability to quench thirst make it always sought after by many people. However, recently there is an assumption that consuming too much coconut water can trigger a heart attack. Is this really true?
The dangers of drinking too much coconut water

Drinking too much coconut water can trigger a heart attack

Although it can provide health benefits, the potassium content in coconut water can also have side effects for health if too much is consumed. This was revealed by a study entitled Death by Coconut.

In this study, it was stated that the potassium content in coconut water can be up to 10 times when compared to that in sports drinks. The problem is that because it tastes delicious and refreshing, we can consume coconut water in much more quantities.
The link between coconut water and the risk of heart attack

In a study whose results were uploaded in the journal entitled Circulation, it was found that drinking coconut water would trigger an excessive intake of potassium or what is known as hyperkalemia. This study also revealed the case of the death of a 42-year-old man due to consuming too much coconut water.

The man, who is known to be in good health, had just played tennis and then quenched his thirst by drinking 8 large glasses of coconut water or about 2.6 liters. This much coconut water has almost 700 mg of potassium. After that, the man fell unconscious and was rushed to the hospital.

After being examined by a doctor, it was discovered that the potassium content in his body reached 5,500 milligrams or much higher than normal, which is around 4,700 mg.

If the body experiences excess potassium, then we will experience symptoms such as pain in the stomach, trouble breathing, the appearance of cold sweats, dizziness, to uncomfortable sensations in the chest and arms.

This is due to the ability of potassium to affect muscles, including the heart muscle. It is for this reason that the performance of the heart can be impaired and ultimately increase the risk of having a heart attack.
The content of coconut water that should not be consumed often

In addition to the presence of potassium which should not be consumed in excess, health experts say that there are other ingredients in coconut water that should not be consumed in excess.

Here are the contents.

Sodium is a substance that we can find in salt. Although it can make the taste of food or drink more savory, excessive consumption of sodium can have several bad effects on health such as increased blood pressure. In fact, it is common knowledge that high blood pressure can have a bad impact on the risk of heart disease or stroke.

In one glass of coconut water, we already get 252 milligrams of sodium or about 17 percent of the daily limit for sodium consumption. If we consume it in too many quantities, it is feared that daily sodium intake can be excessive and eventually endanger the health of the body.

Coconut water without added sugar or syrup contains 6 grams of natural sugar in each glass. The problem is that often the coconut water products that we consume have been given added sugar. For example, many coconut water vendors on the roadside add brown sugar or syrup to make it taste fresher.

The presence of this added sugar can increase daily calorie intake, which in turn increases the risk of obesity. In addition, excessive sugar consumption can also increase the risk of diabetes.

It is for this reason that we should consume undiluted coconut water and make sure not to drink it in excess.