Top 10 Business Hack for Hotel Business

Hotels are one of the businesses that are quite affected by the pandemic. However, several strategies can be done to be able to develop the business in the midst of a pandemic.

1. Have a Website

Through the website, you can build a personal market without competition. A hotel website can show the location of the hotel, rooms, amenities, testimonials, and a number of tourist spots or attractions around the hotel.

2. Use Google My Business

It is kind of like creating an e-card for your business. Google My Business can be a bridge between business owners and users. Don’t forget to include your hotel contact details and location, as this will affect search results and booking flow.

3. Make Videos on YouTube

Lately, people are more interested in viewing videos on YouTube than reading a number of articles or posts on websites and blogs. This can be used to develop the hotel business. You can make a visual video tour of rooms and the facilities, tourist spots near the hotel, or others.

4. Promote through Social Media

Social media is one of the potential digital marketing media. You can post highlight special offers and events to attract followers. Don’t forget to make seasonal promotions.

5. Build Interaction on Social Media

You can respond to comments, mentions, or complaints on a number of social media platforms. Give thanks for those who give positive reviews and give attention to those who feel dissatisfied. In addition, you can also make questions and answers as a form of attention to customers.

6. Creating Bio Links on Instagram and TikTok

Instagram and TikTok are becoming one of the most popular platforms for marketing these days. You can create bio links on Instagram and TikTok accounts to make it easier for followers to find the hotel room they need when planning a trip.

7. Doing Re-Marketing

By remarketing, you can lower your abandonment rate and close more orders to alert site visitors and lead through the process. Remarketing can be configured through Google ads or social media platforms.

8. Building Partnerships Locally

Building partnerships with local business owners can be one way of promotion. For example, you could collaborate with a dairy farm owner to create a contest where the winner can get a tour of the dairy processing and discounted hotel stays.

9. Develop a Customer Loyalty Program

This program is to ensure that customers come back repeatedly. These programs are usually designed to provide deep discounts and special rewards for returning visitors.

10. Email Marketing for Hotels

You cannot send the same email to everyone. You need to use local offers, discounts or event information to attract users. Make sure to use the right approach so that your email is not considered spam.