10 Business Hacks to Get Your Customers to your Pet Stores


Top 10 Business Hack for Pet Stores

Many businesses have been affected by the pandemic, including pet stores. However, this should not destroy your business. Here are some strategies you can try to develop a pet store in the midst of a pandemic.

1. Create Website

This website is not only to market your business but also as a medium to provide education about pets. You can post about the types of pets, how to care for pets, the pet products that you sell, to various promos at the pet store that visitors to your site can enjoy.

2. Host Webinar

You can hold webinars with pet care theme on Zoom or other meeting apps. You can show your skills and abilities in caring for pets. Apart from that, you also provide a question and answer session to your audience. This can help increase the sales of your product.

3. Provide Chat Contact Services via WhatsApp

Customers can consult about their pets via WhatsApp. In addition, you can also provide pet product purchasing services via this social messaging to make it more practical and effective.

4. Encourage Positive Testimonials from Customers

Testimonials from satisfied customers with your pet shop can be one proof of how good your service is. These testimonials can encourage the arrival of new customers. You can contact your loyal customers and people who value your products to create positive testimonials.

5. Promotion and Education by Creating a YouTube Channel

You can create a YouTube channel for promotion as well as education. You can provide education through videos on how to care for pets properly, things to avoid when caring for pets, tips on making cages, and more. Don’t forget to make content as interesting as possible so that the audience is interested in buying at your pet store.

6. Join the Community

Join a community can be one way to expand the market. Through these communities, you can do promotions and provide special services for community members.

7. Maximize Promotion through Social Media

Many social media can be an option for doing sales promotions. Make sure you create interesting content and not just selling. You can post pet care tips, education on the right types of food for pets, or funny content with pets.

8. Create Link Bio on Instagram and TikTok

Don’t forget to include a bio link on Instagram and TikTok because this will make it easier for customers to find pet products or services. Make a bio link that is easy to apply and has an attractive design.

9. Consider Selling on Marketplace

You can also reach a wider market through the marketplace. Make sure you make your store look neat and attractive. Provide detailed and accurate information about selling products. Provide a fast and good response when there are questions and potential customers. Moreover, make sure the product delivery process is smooth and safe.

10. Take Advantage of Referral Marketing

You can use referral marketing to get more customers. You can provide special offers such as discounts or free products to customers who refer your store.