Real estate agents are one of the businesses that have been quite affected by the pandemic. However, that does not mean the business has to stop. Here are 10 ways to develop a real estate agents business that you can try.

1. Create and Manage Website Well

Make posts that focus more on how you can increase the value of your home. Do not forget to post testimonials from previous clients. In addition, you can also post a number of other information such as the latest property market conditions, the latest infrastructure information, buyer and seller inquiries, or seasonal promotions.

2. Learn SEO

This is a useful strategy to get your website to the top of the search engines. Of course, this will increase the opportunity for people to visit the website that will also have an effect on increasing sales for your business.

3. Direct Point of Contact via WhatsApp

Do not forget to provide a direct point of contact service via WhatsApp. If someone has questions about homes or real estate agents in your area, they can contact you directly via WhatsApp. Make sure to respond quickly and clearly so that people are comfortable and satisfied with your services.

4. Engage through Social Media

Utilizing social media marketing can provide many opportunities to get clients. You can use social media to interact with users, share information, and promote the real estate you sell.

5. Make Videos on YouTube

You can start creating a YouTube channel. The video content you create can be about your skills, highlight features of houses, features of neighborhoods and cities. In addition, you can also display videos containing virtual tours to make it easier for potential clients to understand as many properties as possible.

6. Take Advantage of Google My Business

Google My Business will be very helpful in developing the business. People who are in need of the services of a real estate agent will usually do a search on a search engine. This could be your chance to appear in search results.

7. Bio Link on Instagram or TikTok

Both Instagram and TikTok are two social media platforms that are popular today in almost all circles. You can post various content related to your business. Make sure to make the content interesting so you can get more followers. Don’t forget to add a bio link to make it easier for anyone to access.

8. Use Conventional Methods

There is nothing wrong if you strike a balance between conventional methods and advanced technology tactics because this will give a good response. You can use pamphlets, send postcards, or send direct letters to potential buyers.

9. Become a Columnist in Property Magazine

This can be a great way to get the word out about your business project. You can write columns in an unobtrusive way as a seller. You can write about property investment, how property prices increase in the market, and others.

10. Take Advantage of Virtual Exhibition

Do not miss to create an event such as virtual exhibition. It can be a great medium for promoting your property business. You can tell potential customers about the products you offer. Make sure to create an attractive design so that people are interested to join in your virtual exhibition.